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Teaching Text Features While Giving Students Choice

There are some great websites out there that offer lessons and resources for teaching text features.  One of my Favorite sites, has student interactives that can be saved to Google drive.  They also have lessons plans with resources; here’s one on text features.

You can also go to Pinterest.  If Twitter has made be smarter and more connected, Pinterest has made me craftier and more resourceful.

Just as important as teaching text feature in print is teaching online text features.  Many of them are the same, but teaching kids how to read online (which is different than reading print and if you don’t believe me take a class that only offers online textbooks and then complete a few assignments) is just as important.  With online courses, online news and online testing, kids need to know how to read online.

Recently I had a teacher tell me that her classroom would be a better place if her kids would read more.  I asked her if she meant self-selected or teacher-selected. Ok, I didn’t ask her; I assumed.  But it led me to research which led me to some great resources!

To address both online reading/text features and students choice, I give you some fab, free resources:

Choose articles, stories, compare literature/genres all for free.  Sign up and Sign in. (Here’s a lesson on text features.)


One of my all time favorites.  With different topics kids can choose what they read about.  Great thing about these articles (besides the captions, subtitles/headings and other great text features) is that when you change levels, you don’t lose text features.  Free!

Time for Kids

Fun website with articles kids can choose to read! They have latest news and archives.

Last but certainly not least is:


I love this cite because it has books and movies tabs and a glossary/word search.  Kids will definitely find something to read.  It’s also a Chrome Store App.

Ok, Two More.

Supporting students who are English Language Learners? Try:

News in Levels

Hover over each level and choose a category or find an article and change the level.

Student News Daily

Free with some text features.  It offers questions but cooler than that is offers background for each article.

Choice empowers kids.  Reading empowers kids.  Empower kids.

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