Wednesday, June 23

Save the Date for the Frazier VFT–April 17, 2015


The eLearning Team hopes that you’ll save the date–April 17, 2015 @1:00- P.M. EST-as an important one.  We are happy to announce our partnership with the Frazier History Museum for our annual spring virtual field trip, hosted by the Frazier, Daniel Parish (GCCS’s Digital Storyteller), and your eLearning Team.  On April 17th, we will bring you the Lewis and Clark Expedition!  Virtual visitors will be taken to parts of the museum’s immersive, educational role-play adventure that asks them to face some of the many challenges encountered by the Corps of Discovery who had to forge rivers and cross mountains, encounter new people, cultures, and fantastic new species of animals, seek the Northwest Passage, and ultimately discover the diversity of the new nation. Additionally, representatives from the museum will discuss their roles with the museum and career paths they took as part of our college and career readiness initiative.  The field trip promises to be one for all ages and great for the regional history.

Today and tomorrow, Daniel is working with the Frazier to produce some vignettes about the exhibit, the work behind the scenes, and the people who make it all happen leading up to the day of the trip which will be fantastic, no doubt as it includes a time lapse video of some of the exhibit being built. (Bless his fool heart for traveling to downtown Louisville tomorrow with the NCAA tournament a few blocks from the Frazier and at the same time!) These vignettes will be published and available for your classes to watch in the days leading up to the live virtual field trip.

We are very excited about the opportunity for our students and we hope you will be too. For more information on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, go to

We will share the invitation to the virtual field trip once it is all set up and ready to go! Now, who’s excited and with us??

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