Wednesday, June 23

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Today’s Guest Blogger is Roxanne Koopman (follow her on twitter! @CP_Koopman).  Roxanne is a 2nd year special needs teacher at Corden Porter School. Corden Porter is an alternative school focused on helping students with behavioral problems/needs. It is crazy how awesome she is!

Snow Day #2 – 11:05 AM

As I look outside the living room window into the beautiful, snow laced…apartment complex parking lot (c’mon I am a second year teacher) I begin to feel cabin fever coming on. I have looked at Facebook numerous times, Twitter, Instagram, you name it – by 11 AM on Snow Day #2 I have already looked at it. I have subconscious checklist of things that I should be doing for my teacher life in the back of my head and this post is one of those things. I volunteered to write this post during a morning PD with Katie Hutchinson when I was showing off a website that I use quite often. I’m fairly certain that K. Hutch intentionally plays to my highly competitive side to get what she wants!

The website that I was showing off is called Gynzy.(No, I don’t know how to say it either!) It is a website that is made to work with your SMART or Promethean Board. The site provides great introductory videos here (HELP!). I am going to tell you about some of my favorite features of the site but it will require you to explore the features to get the full effect. I recommend that you click here and make a FREE account before clicking the links below.

Language Arts

  • Alphabetical Order
    • Use this tool to let students put words in alphabetical order. Interactive! YEAH!
  • Handwriting
    • Let students practice forming letters using this interactive tool!
  • Story Cubes
    • If you like the Story Cubes you can buy in the store you will LOVE these!
  • Character Analysis Map
    • If you are working on character traits this is a great interactive to use with students!


  • Birthday Party / Birthday Song
    • Great for that embarrassing day for a student! I am cheesy and sing as loud as I can so this is the icing on the cake!
  • Game Show
    • Make your own Jeopardy board! This is a simple to use lay out! Way cool!
  • Pick Your Partner
    • An interactive way for students to have a choice in picking their partner for an activity. Try it out!
  • Timetable
    • Use this tool to create a moving time line of the school day. This is great for students who need a visual schedule of the day. This takes some time to set up but once you do it is AWESOME!



  • Base Ten Blocks
    • Teachers can lead students easily with this visual!
  • Counting Money
    • I used this tool one day to de-escalate a behavior student, I’ve sworn by it ever since.
  • Word Problems
    • Pre-made word problems that students can solve. Answers included!
  • Snap Cubs
    • Lead your students in group activities using snap cubes on your SMART board.
  • The Math Safe
    • Have students crack the code of the Math Safe. LOGIC REQUIRED!
  • Fraction Circle
    • Great visual for students when working with fractions.
  • Compare Fractions
    • Compare fractions using <, >, =.

Social Studies


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