Wednesday, June 23

Build a World of Learning Through Chrome

This week I was fortunate enough to have a blog published by the Indiana Department of eLearning for the 28-day Web 2.0 Challenge for Digital Learning Month, thanks to much prodding by my partner in eLearning crime, Katie Hutchinson.  Katie is a fantastic blogger.  She loves it and she’s really good at it. Without her help (and prodding) I would not be a blogger at all…and I’m not sure whether to thank her (for her prodding) or slap her (for her prodding). Did I mention she did a lot of prodding (and poking…yes, I think she poked me once) to get me to do it? 😉

All kidding aside, Katie is wonderful and she will also be blogging for the DLD Challenge later this month on Talk with her for all your blogging needs.

Now, without further ado, I bring you “Build With Chrome” for this week’s Teaching Through Technology blog via the Indiana DLD blogspot.

And here’s a teaser…there’s something in there about LEGOS!







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